Database of European Research on the Indoor Environment

Welcome to the Web Site of the Inventory of European Research on the Indoor Environment (IERIE). This database is produced and maintained by the Institute of Environment and Health (IEH) on behalf of the Department of Health and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) as part of their Long-range Research Initiative (LRI). Here you can access up-to-date information on research activities throughout Europe relating to the indoor environment of domestic and public buildings, together with details of research workers and their organisations. The search facilities incorporated into the database will allow you to identify:

  • current research activities relating to the indoor environment;
  • newly developing areas of interest;
  • gaps in current research programmes; and
  • individuals or groups with expertise in specific aspects of the indoor environment.

Government bodies and other funding organisations should find this resource particularly useful when planning research calls. To be effective, the database depends on the contribution of information by researchers, supplied by completing a questionnaire (Researchers - to check whether your research qualifies for inclusion please visit Submitting data section. An additional feature of the database is the facility to provide more detailed information and analysis of appropriately interrogated data. Further details on this aspect are available on request.

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