Should you register?

Inclusion of your details in this database will bring your interests and research activities (and those of your organisation) to the attention of the wider indoor air research community. It will facilitate national and international contact and multidisciplinary co-operation between researchers, and allow potential funding bodies to identify you as an active researcher in this field.

To fulfill its potential, the database must be as complete as possible. If your research is concerned with any of the following issues then we would encourage you to register without delay.

  • Epidemiological or mechanistic study of diseases and disorders that are known to be influenced by the indoor environment;
  • Epidemiological or mechanistic study of the specific effects of individual pollutants or mixtures found in the indoor environment (be they chemical, biological or environmental factors, physical phenomena, or psychological aspects);
  • Measurement of exposure to indoor pollutants or other phenomena;
  • Study of emissions from materials used in the indoor environment;
  • Study of environmental design of buildings and its regulation.

We strongly encourage all active researchers in areas relating to the indoor domestic or public environment (i.e. excluding occupational environments not open to the general public) to submit information on their work and interests for inclusion on the database by completing the questionnaire. In order to keep the content up to date we will contact registered researchers annually to confirm the status of their entries and gather any additional (new) information.

IERIE questionnaire

The questionnaire is available for completion whilst online (registered users only) or as a downloadable document.

Online questionnaire

The online questionnaire enables researchers to submit details of themselves, their organisation and their projects. Researchers who wish to submit data using the online questionnaire should first register with IERIE to receive their login details. The questionnaire uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to provide a secure communication link for transferring data submitted from your browser to the IERIE website.

  1. Register with IERIE: Please send an email to the IERIE project team with "IERIE online registration" in the Subject and the following information in the message body:

    Your first name and surname (on the first line)
    Your organisation (on the second line)

    For example:

    Lini Ashdown
    Institute of Environment and Health

    A reply will be sent to you shortly afterwards informing that you are registered to use the online questionnaire.

  2. Access the questionnaire: If you are a registered user, enter the online questionnaire. Users should login to the questionnaire using their first name and surname and their login password.
Downloadable questionnaire

To obtain the questionnaire in electronic form please select one of the following: After completion, please return the questionnaire as an email attachment to . If you are unable to download an electronic version and require a hard copy of the questionnaire, please contact Lini Ashdown at IEH:

    Fax: +44 (0)1525 863 420
    Address: Institute of Environment and Health
      Cranfield University
      Bedfordshire MK45 4DT

Institute of Environment and Health, Cranfield University, UK.
Cranfield University