Welcome to the IERIE News and Announcements page. Here we will keep you informed of the latest activities in indoor air pollution research, including current announcements. Please contact the IERIE project coordinator if you would like to place any information or announcements on this page.

  • Proceedings of the Tenth Annual UK Review Meeting on Outdoor and Indoor Air Pollution Research

    This report was published in November 2007 and is available to see on the IEH website.

  • IERIE Analysis Report

    An analysis of data contained in the IERIE database is now available in the form of a project report "Trends in Research Activity on the Indoor Environment in Europe: An Analysis Using IERIE" at the Cefic Long-Range Research Initiative (LRI) website.

    The report highlights research issues in the indoor air field that are worthy of future attention and also clearly demonstrates the potential of this database as an analytical tool to capture topics and trends in indoor research.

  • EnVIE - a European Co-ordinated Action funded through the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme

    EnVIE is interfacing science and policy making in the field of indoor air quality, collecting and interpreting scientific knowledge from on-going research, in particular from EU funded projects and Joint Research Centre activities, to elaborate policy relevant recommendations based on a better understanding of the health impacts of indoor air quality. EnVIE is currently organising an important conference on indoor air quality research and policy, aimed at European scientists and decision-makers. Further details will be posted here as soon as they become available.

  • Healthy Buildings 2006 Conference

    This conference will take place at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa on the 4-8 June 2006 in Lisbon, Portugal.

    HB2006, aims primarily at establishing the state-of-the-art of these health related topics in scientific and technical terms, mainly at the level of the causes and their prevention by means of adequate technological intervention. But it also aims to contribute for results of social character, in the form of legislation and normative methods and processes, for a better public health and, therefore, for a better quality of life through an adequate intervention along the several phases of building life: design, construction and maintenance. Both the buildings themselves, according to the needs of the users, and their mechanical systems will be addressed, through a better characterization of the situation in the field and the criteria to adopt in the evaluations.

    If you would like further information on this conference please visit the following website.

  • 2nd WHO International Housing and Health Symposium

    The Vilnius declaration (from the 2nd WHO Housing and Health Conference) is available online at the following website.

    You might also be interested to see WHO's updated housing and health website, which is now providing increased information about the WHO housing and health programme and the LARES project. Additional information will become available on this site within the next couple of weeks, and the book of abstracts from the Vilnius conference will also be put on the web.

  • Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe

    A major outcome of the recent Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Budapest was the publication of the Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE). In this document, under Regional Priority Goal III, there is explicit reference to indoor air and the specific pronouncement "We aim to achieve a substantial reduction in the morbidity and mortality from acute and chronic respiratory disorders in children and adolescents by developing indoor air quality strategies that take into account the specific needs of children [and] applying and enforcing regulations to improve indoor air quality, especially in housing, child care centres and schools..." The full text of this document is now available for download.

  • New EC Indoor Air Pollution Initiative

    The European Commission's Ispra-based joint research centre (JRC) is taking the lead to develop new approaches and research methods to monitor pollution and its impact on human health. The aim is to gather data that may in future "provide the basis for policy initiatives at EU and national level".

  • UK Indoor Environments Group

    UKIEG is now planning its third annual conference, to take place at UCL, London on 31 October 2006. The subject will be energy efficiency and the quality of the indoor environment. If you are interested in the conference or the work of the Group more generally and would like further information, please visit the UKIEG website or contact Paul Harrison.

  • Guidance on the Effects on Health of Indoor Air Pollutants

    A guidance paper on indoor air produced by the DH Committee on Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP) has now been published by the Department and is available from the COMEAP website. This is likely to be a highly influential document, both here in the UK and elsewhere.


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